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Only So Much Oil in The Ground


It will get worst, until we change.

Friday, February 17, 2012


CD Cover
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inside the CD
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also inside the CD
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the Back
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the Disc
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Actually, this mix was done in 2005. I Didn't post it until I dug it out years later. A favorite cause the people who influenced the song selections were favorite people and good friends.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

R.I.P. Loleatta Holloway

Karizma is Dead (Requiem 8)

One of the Pillars in Disco Music has Passed on. Loleatta Holloway Died March 21 2011.
I am grateful to have come into awareness of her music by way of House music while it was in its
early years. You could always hear exactly where she was coming from when she blew her tunes out.
I felt connected the very first time I heard her sing and now I have all these priceless treasures to remind me.
Her work is Cameo'd here in a mix by one of Baltimore's deepest House dj's Karizma. God Bless this Beautiful, Gifted Woman and care for her grieving family and friends.

Going Thru It - Icehouse

I wish I had a chance to meet her personally. she liked this mix and told me so thru Myspace. She is my no.3 top friend and has been since 2007. http://www.myspace.com/theo.frank

Rare Groovz 148 - Mr. Kaplan

Loleatta Holloway had a way with expressions that that let you know she was forreal.
Whether singing it out in songs like Mama Don't, Papa Won't, Hit & Rum or Catch me on the Rebound, or giving it to you straight as in the infamous bootleg "Dish". You knew who she was and where she was coming from. The essence of Soul music. She will live on through her melodies and your memories of her.

The Classics - Kim Lightfoot

I never got the chance to see her perform but I loved her music just the same.
This mix says to me that she set many nights on fire. when you needed a performance that you could relate to, she rose to the occasion.
She laid the rules of loving her out in "Hit & Run", and set you ablaze at the same time. This is
How I will remember the magnificent lady known as Loleatta Holloway. God blessed us with her soulful presence and now he has claimed back, that which is his.

Hit & Run - Reworked
Loleatta holloway - hit and run (scott m rework) FREE DOWNLOAD 320KBPS by scott m

This Super Clean, High Quality Rework of "Hit & Run" From my 'Bring the Heat' Brother, Scott M. would have made her proud, I would imagine. its one of the best I have heard. Enjoy!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Revolution.. Televised

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Friday, February 18, 2011

Midnight Mindscapes

After being reminded of this work by a good friend, I decided to feature it here in the blog. though, it was archived here before, I have never really showcased it. enjoy my very 1st mix that was made available on the web.
Year: 2003
Part A
CD cover

inside the CD

The Actual CD

CD Back

Listen & Download

Midnight Mindscapes Pt. A

Emotion stream 1
sermon: a knock at midnight - Dr Martin luther King
Backdrop to sermon:
Talisman- mr hermano
hypnotista - mr hermano

Emotion stream 2
inner city winter - Stateless
album - the art of no state

Emotion stream 3
suco- mr hermano

Emotion stream 4
whats the T - roy ayers
album: UK released recordings 1976-1981

Emotion stream 5
Love Having you around - First choice
album: The wonder of Stevie - Spinna & Bobbito
compilation of Stevie Wonder covers by Various Artists

Emotion stream 6
Roundabout changes- DJ Minx
Album:Anmal trax..Deep Structures E.P.

Emotion stream 7
Love yourself – Blue Six
Album: Beautiful Tomorrow

Emotion stream 8
Close to home – Blue Six
Album: Beautiful Tomorrow
Time :3:36

Emotion stream 9
Music and Wine – Blue Six
Album: Beautiful Tomorrow

Part B
CD cover

Inside the CD

The Actual CD

CD Back

Listen & Download

Midnight Mindscapes Pt. B

Emotion stream 9
Music and Wine – Blue Six
Album: Beautiful Tomorrow

Emotion stream 10
Deep Inside – Larry Heard
Album: Loosefingers

Emotion stream 11
Beautiful Life – Dennis Ferrer Feat. Aaron Pearson
Album: VCX mix

Emotion stream 12
Cloud Nine – Donnie Johnson
Album: Quentin Harris Shelter Mix

Emotion stream 13
U Brought me a Brighter Day – Su Su Bobien
Da Lukas Main Mix and Chorus Accapella

Emotion stream14
Love is on the Way- Louie Vega Featuring Blaze
Dance Ritual Mix

Emotion stream15
Closer- Goapele
Loveslap Rework

Emotion stream16
Dance – Earth People
Club Version

Emotion stream17
Sounds like Ultra – Alan Smithee in Blue Blackness Feat. Natalie Cole
Smooth Edit
Time :3:07

Emotion stream18
Symphonic Nights- DJ Sneak
Powerplant Revisited

Emotion stream19
Mozalounge – Louie Vega

Emotion stream20
Welcome to the Club
Powerplant revisited

Emotion stream21
The Lingering Vibe
Rhythm – Translucent
Rhythem -Gene Farris

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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Love Traffic

Part one:


Smooth grooves for Soul Disco lovers. This is a listener's mix. If you want to chill out and absorb good, sometimes rare musical content, you'll want this in your collection.

Part Two:


Rush Hour is over. Now Drive fast & deep into the night. Everybody knows the best partying starts 'round midnight. Pt 2: Midnight Drive